Our Services

Professional cellphone repair service at your preferred location

Our professionally trained and certified technicians can be there anytime, anywhere! We can repair just about any brand of mobile device out there!

Phone repair
Nobody likes broken phones. Our technicians at iFixOnWheelz can repair almost any problem for every brand and model of cell phones, from smart phones to older models. Things like broken screens, LCD screens, Touch panels, charger ports, camera, speakers, and more!

Tablet repair
Tablets are sometimes more fragile than phones! Whether you need repair for your Kindle, Surface, iPad, or Android tablet, we can fix it! Things like screen damage, boot issues, charger port issues, and battery replacement are all available through iFixOnWheelz!

Computer Repair
Everyone has issues, and our specialists can work on both Mac computers and PC’s! If you have a hardware or software issue, including water damage, or power damage, and even disk repair, the techs at iFixOnWheelz can come fix your computer with ease.

Data Transfer
Sometimes you have items that you need to transfer to a new device, or just recover the data, such as important documents and files. The same applies with computers. Our techs have the right tools to transfer your data and are able to provide backups and retrieval services. Have iFixOnWheelz with by asking how we can help you do this!

Water damages
Just because your device took a nosedive into a pool of water, the toilet, or even the ocean, it’s not dead and is repairable if you try to plug it in. Our technicians can repair water damage to your phone and fix shorts and other problems often caused by moisture damage to get your device up and going again!

Game Consoles
Video game consoles break from time to time, or they get damaged by dirt, dust, and even water! Sometimes they’re even physically damaged, or disk drawers stop working. By ordering repair service from iFixOnWheelz, you’ll get a technician delivered to you to repair your Nintendo System, Xbox, or PlayStation console!

Micro Soldering
A lot of times, shorts cause problems on your devices internal components. We have experts in micro soldering in order to give you the best service and durable repair! If needed for board repairs, they’ll bring your device to their workshop, repair it and deliver it to you with no extra delivery charge! Only pay for the initial repair itself!